Wall Mural

This isn’t really a diy post but….I painted this mural on my wall around 3 years ago and as I freshened up my wall at home with a new coat of paint, I had to re-paint my mural so thought i’d include photos of the result….



DIY Wall Art

Here are a few diy wall art ideas that wont cost anything to make and is super quick!

#1 – Rip a page out of an old book and sketch your design on with biro. I chose the white rabbit out of Alice in Wonderland. Once you’ve drawn your design mount onto card or if you can stick nails in your walls then put them in lovely frames. I stuck mine onto red and then black card.


#2 – Write a quote you like on a piece of card. I chose a quote from Winnie the Pooh and wrote it in a mix of different fonts before mounting on black card.


#3 – I’m using a long frame for this piece of wall art. I stuck black card down before adding the white papaer it came with.


Print off different maps from places around the globe and either stick them in the slots whole or cut shapes out of them.


These are very simple ways to add a bit of indivduality to your room. Happy crafting xxx

14 ways to decorate your room!

Head over to:  http://www.mint.com/blog/how-to/how-to-trick-out-a-dungeon-like-dorm-room/?display=wide to see fourteen awesome ways to decorate your room. The only things I wouldn’t do is to hang things on the wall as I jut don’t trust the removable hooks and also on room inspections the staff are likely to tick the ‘posters on wall’ section anyway.

Bedroom for next year/upcoming DIY projects

So i’m home for easter which means I can get a few DIY projects in whilst I have access to drills etc. At the moment i’m planning my room in my bungalow next year as there’s only a few weeks left before the end of uni for the year. I’m thinking of a cream colour with just  a few coloured statment things but who knows if that’s what i’ll have!

I’m thinking of getting a big block of wood and attatching a load of vintage door knobs to it to hang long jewellery off. I’ve found some great ones on ebay that have little clock faces on them and fake crystal type ones which would be great for not only hanging jewellery but as a piece of wall decor. I’ve also been trying to find a super colourful patterned beanbag cover so I could have a bold statement piece in my room – thinking of cream bedding at the moment. I’d like to spruce up whatever desk I have with some vintage style pots – there’s some great ones at dotcomgiftshop.com – charity shops have so far lacked what I am after. I’m also going to be painting a canvas over easter so i’ll post the finished pictures.

Let me know if there’s anything you’re planning soon

Craftystudent xxx

Memo board DIY

I write a lot of lists and notes in a week! To organise them better here is a noticeboard solely for notes…

Cost: £5

Time: Very quick

Materials: Cork board – £2.99 The Works

White Acrylic Paint – £1.99 The Works

Masking tape, paintbrush sharpie pen, scissors, pins and memo notes

Use masking tape to split the cork board into 3 like this

Cut thin strips of the masking tape to go inbetween where each memo note will go

Paint the board making sure you pay attention to what brush strokes you are creating i.e straight, textured etc. as they will show up when dry

When it’s painted it will look something like this….leave it to dry then peel off the masking tape

It will look something like this. The lines of white wont be completely straight so don’t worry…

Outline with the sharpie marker…if you have black paint and a thin brush I would recommend using that as the sharpie dries out a lot!

Decorate and stick your notes on 😀

Let me know how you got on

Happy Crafting xxx

Dreamcatcher DIY

When I was little I had a dream catcher above my bed. For whatever reason I stopped using it as decor for my room but since moving to uni I thought it’d be nice to make one.  If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I can’t put anything on the walls here so I will be draping it over the corner of the wall mirror I was provided with.

Cost: Just over £10

Materials: Cotton

Decorative beads and gems

Hot glue gun (or PVA)

A variety of ribbon or strips of material



Time: You need to spend a little bit of time on this 🙂

I seriously recommend using this website to make the dreamcatcher. As long as you have a spiderweb type middle it doesn’t matter too much what it looks like. I cut a length of wire and wrapped it around and around to form a thick circle. Then I covered the wire with a length of ribbon. Following the instructions from the above site I made the middle section using white cotton with beads threaded onto it – i’m not going to lie that bit was tricky! Then I cut strips of ribbon and paper and hot glued them to one edge of the circle. I added beads and a little bell I found onto a few of the long ribbons. To cover the messy top I applied buttons with the hot glue gun and finally decorated the circle with a couple of gems. I used a bit of the cotton to fastel a knot at the top of my dreamcatcher and hey presto I have a beautiful dream catcher :D!

Let me know how yours turned out.

Happy Crafting xxx

Map of the world/train ticket holder DIY

Cost: About £10

Materials: Old style map of the world – Mine was £3.25 from Paperchase

Needle and thread

A1 Mountboard – £5.99 from The Works

Pins to stick tickets down

Time: Relatively quick

I travel a lot! My boyfriend goes to uni in London and I have friends dotted around the country so I get a hell of a lot of train tickets. Originally, I had them on a noticeboard – I stapled a piece of string along the length of the board and brought some mini pegs from Paperchase to clip them on. It looked brilliant, however, after about 4 months of looking lovely the whole thing fell off and refused to go back.

I had to think of an idea to display my tickets so I went to…you guessed it…Paperchase and brought a vintage map of the world poster for £3.25. Believe it or not a paper map was so difficult to find! I went to The Works and brought a piece of A1 mountboard and glued the map on. I then got a needle and thread and stitched a line from the UK to each place i’ve visited in the world. Then I used pins and made a border out of my train tickets. The great thing about doing it on mountboard is that it can go wherever I want it to and it can be propped up rather than glued to the walls. At the moment I have mine propped up on top of my bed but the wall by your desk would also look cool.

(Florida, Crete, Santorini, France and Italy)